Industrial water and reprocess

What the law demands

Grupo SETA gives solutions for water and discharge problems in your industry, through the design, fabrication and start up of turnkey projects.

Within the industrial market, Grupo SETA has developed many specialized fluid treatment systems, as much in service water as in process water and effluents, to be reused, contaminant-free, or to obtain new products, developing modern methods according to the market needs, and discharge norms for the preservation of the environment.

What the industry needs

Grupo SETA provides solutions fit to each specific case, and offers integral and simple solutions, taking care of each of the project’s phases:

  • Studying the particular problem, taking into account all variables.
  • Providing the more viable solution, always considering the economic benefit.
  • Designing and proposing a specific process for each treatment line.
  • Developing each phase of the engineering.
  • Manufacturing within our own factory, so that once the hydraulic, mechanic, electric and program tests are run, the plant can be sent wherever our client requires it.
  • Installation and start up through “turnkey” solutions.
  • Operation and maintenance of the installed equipments.
  • Personalized follow-up of each installation.

What your company is looking for

Grupo SETA possesses developed specialized systems for fluid treatment, as much in service water as in process water, in the following sectors:

SETA - "Custom made" water

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