Energy and cogeneration

For this type of process, the Grupo SETA has developed modular and compact lines of water treatment for the adequacy of the available water, as drinkable water, for services, or with destine to the generation of steam of high quality, being able if the client demands it, to close the integral cycle with the purification and neutralization of the spillages.

Incorporating the last technologies of process as demineralization by means of inverse osmosis and / or electro deionization, it cab be highly diminished the price of produced water, and the wealth of spillage can be minimized in a hypothetic case of an increase of the environmental impact that this type of facilities could have.

Taking into account, that our equipments are pre assembled and tested in factory under strict quality controls; costs and delivery time offered by the Grupo SETA are notably reduced, because they do not have extraordinary expenses for future adjustments or assembling.

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