R + D + i

Researching to stay ahead

Grupo SETA counts with its own R+D+I department for research, development and innovation of new technologies, allowing us to manufacture a wide range of products that count with national and international acknowledgement.

Development to offer better solutions

Among these applied developments we can point out equipments from the range “SETAQUA +” of modular conception, mobile or fixed; from the range “SETALACT” for its application in the milk industry; from the range “SETA-VC”, focused on the achievement of Zero Discharge; equipment “SETA-AI-AL” for the recovery of sulphuric acid in hard anodizing; “SETAVIN” for tangential filtration of must clarification, as well as specific installations for food, canned goods, pharmaceutical, meat, energy, health and agriculture industries, among others.

In the last years, Grupo SETA has developed equipments and pilot plants for their further introduction in the market, applying new technologies in wastewater treatment, through the use of bioreactors membrane, or the incorporation of renewable energies in desalinization through reverse osmosis plants.

Innovation to be more competitive

Our research projects throughout these 45 years have been assured by many prestigious institutions, such as the Instituto Tecnológico de Canarias, with which we have developed, within a project co financed by the European Union, a solar energy fed desalinization plant in Ksar Ghilane (Tunisia), or by the University of Valladolid, who in a joint investigation project with other German universities such as Manheim, and supported by Grupo SETA, reinforce our constant vow for research, a trend that has accompanied us since the beginning.