Modular plants

Versatility and effectiveness

We manufacture plants that, given their capacity of treatment, allow their fabrication in pre mounted modules, under strict quality controls; each module represents a phase of the process. This modular solution enables, if required, mobility or change of allocation, as well as the operation of several lines in parallel, this being an ideal option for locations with significant population increases.

The profitable choice

The main advantages that our SETAQUA 2E and 3E modular plants can bring are:

  • Reliability. They comply with WHO standards, producing daily drinking water to populations from 600 to 200,000 habitants.
  • Minimum civil work needed, pre mounted in factory.
  • Minimum execution deadlines.
  • Reduced investment cost.
  • Great capacity of production modulation.
  • Adjusted operational cost.
  • Short delivery deadline.
  • Easy to handle and operate; no specialized personnel is required, and the plants can be enlarged to treat a larger flow of water.
  • Easy to transport, so they can be installed anywhere.

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