SETA International

Water without boundaries

Grupo SETA through SETA INTERNATIONAL takes care of giving full technical and logistic coverage throughout the five continents, fulfilling the following functions:

  • Commercialization in foreign countries
  • Identification, study and execution of the projects
  • Commercial and financial development

Grupo SETA has signed and executed turnkey projects in countries such as Nicaragua, Honduras, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Algeria, Tunisia, Angola or Egypt.

Holding our commitments has made us great

The perfect fulfilling of our projects execution, guarantying quality and service, has helped to Grupo SETA to obtain a permanent presence in many countries. Occasionally, we have forged alliances with local partners to provide a closer service and give to our group more agility in the market to harness new business opportunities.

An activity taht deserves full trust

Governments, companies, institutions, and more importantly, over 50 million people worldwide, place their trust in the systems designed by Grupo SETA.

The worl recognizes our labor

This level of technology and trust has been rewarded with different awards, among others, the 2nd Gold Medal in the 19th International Salon of Inventors in Brussels, and the Diploma with express congratulation in the 3rd International Salon for Inventors and New Technologies in Geneva, finalists in the Prince Philippe Award for internationalization, and more recently the Internationalization Award given by the Madrid Exporters Club in 2007.

We treat the World of Water. We treat the Water of the World

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